If not for the love I have for Jesus, I will convert to Islam; Christians are hypocrites -Obinim


The founder and leader of International God’s Way Church Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim have stated that Christians are hypocrites and fake.
According to the controversial man of God, he has been ordained by his father Jesus to lead his people and if not for the love he has for Jesus, he will quit being a pastor.
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He also added that some Christians are not truthful and very jealous and would have converted to Islam if not for the love he has for Jesus.
“Christians today are very hypocrite. I’m really, really tired of Christians. If not because of Jesus that I’ve seen something in him that I said I’m a pastor, in fact, I’ll quit.
I’ll quit Christianity and convert to be a Muslim. That is my confession if not that I am following Jesus to go to heaven and also to help me on earth, I’ll quit Christian religion and be a Muslim and I’ll be called Imam or Sheik and I would have become a mallam.
I will be a good mallam, not one who kills. Some Christians are not truthful. Christians today are very hypocrite and very jealous,” he stated.
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Bishop Obinim is popularly known for his controversial statements and extreme Christian practices.
He once declared that he could transform himself into animals and other objects and also appear in people’s dreams.
He also stated that he has been appointed as an Angel by his father Jesus which led to his name Angel Obinim.
Bishop Obinim also recently claimed that he is the Spiritual President of Ghana who controls the future and destiny of Ghana.
He added that is the richest man of God in Ghana and can purchase over 5 aeroplanes instantly.
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