I would still Save at Midland after Free House, Assaulted woman Tell Ghanaians..


Shocked by many, we all thought Patience Osafo has learnt her lesson and would never ever save at Midland Bank again, but Hey she said she would now save bigger with the controversial Bank. According to an audio played on Peace FM evening news Lawyer for Patience Osafo revealed that they trully have received a brand new Two Bedroom Semi Detached House at somewhere Ofankor Kasoa together with some Huge sums of money from the Bank.

Her lawyer added that the matter is still in court despite the good developments as it is also permissible by law to solve cases amicabbly between parties out of court. Patience Osafo who was abused at Midland Savings and loans revealed she has forgiven Midland and enthuse Ghanaians to please do the same, adding people should not withdraw their deposits at the Bank because she would continue to save with Midland Bank after the honour of the Free House and 100,000 cedis offered to her. Watch Full Video Below..