I Get Amazed By Naturally Curvy Women Who Come To Me For Sulpting-Dr Obengfo


The Director of Advanced Body sculpt Centre (Obengfo Hospital), Dr Dominic Obeng-Andoh, has said he sometimes gets surprised when naturally curvy women walk into his office for body sculpting.

According to him, although he helps women who are not happy with their body shape to get their desired curves, some of his clients are naturally curvy and beautiful, which makes him appreciate the creation of God.

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Dr Obeng-Andoh said;

“God has created things; sometimes even I, as a doctor sitting in my office, say: ‘Wow God has done well’ when I see certain clients walk into my office.

Because sometimes, these women have not even done anybody sculpting, sometimes the client could even be a mother-of-two or three but when you look at her natural body, it is beautiful.

Some women are naturally curvy; some, too, might have done body sculpting before they come to me.”