I can also be a gentleman; no more defending NPP-Ken Agyapong


Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the member of parliament for Assin Central has stated once again that he won’t be doing any more defends of the party aggressively on radio and on TV like he has been doing for years now.
According to Kennedy Adyapong, he has earned too much gross disrespect a result of his continues defends of the NPP party but what hurt him most is the disrespect n attacks that come from within his own party.
Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong
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The maverick NPP senior party member explained that he can also be a gentleman like the senior party members who are revered. He has therefore started his personal rebranding.
However, Kennedy Agyapong explained that it does not mean he has quit politic entirely but he might not stand for the Member of parliament position again but will still work for the party.
“I have resolved that since NPP is charting the path of gentility, I will also be gentle henceforth so that everyone will see that Kennedy Agyapong, the other side of him shows that he can be a gentleman”.
“It does not mean I will not do party work. Chairman Marfo here is a party executive. Is he an MP but some of the things he does are more than what an MP will do. So if I am also joining Chairman Marfo I think we will still work. The Wednesdays and Tuesdays queues to see me will be non-existent and would bring some kind of a relief to me”, he stressed.
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“I am doing that so that anyone who wants to approach me will know that I am also a respectable person in society. If anyone needs help and comes, whatever I can offer I will but that does not imply I am quitting politics”, Kennedy Agyapong added.
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