How I got pregnant as a virgin~25yrs old lady narrates her experience


A Nigerian lady, Wathoni Anyansi has narrated how she got pregnant as a virgin at the age of 23 years and how the news came to her as a complete shock since she knew she had never been with a man.
Speaking to YouTuber, Lolo Cynthia in an interview just published, Wathoni Anyansi explained that although she had not had se*x with her boyfriend, they have been intimate several times but on the last encounter which got her pregnant, they were actually nakked and the boyfriend released sperms at a point but they did not have direct intercourse.
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After a few months of not seeing her menstrual circle which she attributed to several things and took medicines for, she was informed she was pregnant.
By then, she was 5 months pregnant and everyone around her including her parents and friends were surprised because she kept insisting she was a virgin.
Wathoni Anyansi who is now a mother of a healthy baby boy revealed it was her mother who after some consultation calmed her down and explained to her it was possible.
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The interview also called a doctor into the show who also confirmed pregnancy is very possible if both of them were naked and the man ejaculated
Watch the interview of Wathoni Anyansi narrating her story below

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Until recent times these new stories came up including artificial insemination, the famous virgin birth the world, most importantly Christians knew and accepted is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ through his mother Mary.
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