Here is the lyrics for Patapaa’s ‘Skopatumana’ rap in ‘Daavi Ne Ba’


Patapaa has done it again. After going viral with “One Corner” in 2017, Patapaa’s rap in Kawoula’s new song ‘Daavi Ne Ba’ which he was featured on is fast trending online.
The rap has been named ‘Skopatumana’ by Ghanaians and it has since started a wild trend on social media with many trying so hard to sing the words.
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Well, now has the words for Patapaa fans who are struggling so hard to write and sing the rap words.
Check Out The Lyrics Below
till patu pataa
skoska to mana
till da pop dada
sko pa to mana
filo di si dadaa
kati don panpana
ma don go don
ma ga da zen zen
na dan bam badan
ko danko kedo
kra po aba
tsu seyy

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Interestingly, Patapaa himself missed some of the words when he was asked to repeat the words in a recent interview…lol
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