Giving my life to Christ is the best-Efia Odo


Actress Efia Odo has indicated that lust led her path in the past but finding God changed her story and gave her a deeper understanding of the world.

In a long post on her Instagram page, the television personality noted that in the past, she mistook lust for love.

“Growing up, I didn’t have it easy, especially when it came to love. I used to confuse love with lust. I thought the men that I gave genuine clean hearted love to loved me the same but it was just lust, one after the other”, she said.

Efia Odo noted that “Until I found myself in God and understood myself and how the world really works. You see everything happens for a reason. Every pain you suffer, its for a reason;to strengthen you psychologically spiritually and emotionally”.

She asked her followers and Ghanaians to “Stop with all this hate and negative thinking. Be positive think positive be happy and be of love I’m the happiest woman in the world”.