Ghana police now a de@th trap


    Ghanaians in recent times have complained bitterly about the insecure nature of the Ghana police service.

    Days ago, a woman was beaten by a police at the Midland banking hall which most people spoke I’ll of.

    I dont even care what she did…for a police officer to beat up a nursing mother is absurd…how on earth can u beat up a woman holding a baby like this…this man is a coward A stupid brainless asshole downgrading the police uniform..who gave this Junky a gun?? Please Madam Otiko Djaba i know how efficient your office is….please help us get this policeman arrested n charged…he is Not fit to protect our laws Thank you Ps:Midland savings n loans is a very bad place to save your money…Dont go there for anyone to beat you like this…MIDLAND Savings and Loans actually asked a police officer on duty to treat their customer like this…If you have any conscience you will NOT do business with such an incompetent Bank. #Leave2live #Leave2live

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    The same Ghana police took the lives of seven innocent men claiming they were robbers.

    Today, a 14-year old boy has been whipped by a Regional ASP following a fight the guy had with his fellow student