Free Mama Gee Now campaign hits social media


The clients of Mama Gee, the woman who was arrested and her shop locked up by the Food and Drugs Authority in a joint operation with Ghana Police in Accra for selling unlicensed herbal products which have been alleged as juju to charm men are not giving up easily on their boss lady.
A campaign with the #FreeMamaGeeNow has started on social media and is fast going viral all over the social media platforms.
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Whiles others are sharing positive testimonies and claiming the woman has done no wrong and is actually helping save marriages, others are doing angry videos to attack the authorities to direct their energies to the right quarters.
Mama Gee
According to some of the Free Mama Gee campaigners, some powerful people like Dr. Obengfo Andoh is still operating on people in Ghana despite “killing Kennedy Agyapong’s sidekick” and the many warning from the Ghana Medical association that he has no license to operate.
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He still remains untouched by the laws of Ghana. Meanwhile, mama Gee who is just selling herbs made in Ghana is being persecuted unjustly.
Others claim that Mama Gee does not sell charms as being alleged. Instead, it is normal herbals which help women to be clean “down there” and to be healthy. They claim he uses local herbs and foods which even helps promote Ghana.
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Well Watch some of the Free Mama Gee Campaigns below

Mama Gee was arrested on Wednesday, 10th July 2019 at his chop at Madina Rawlings Park by a team of Food and Drugs Authority and the Ghana Police Service. Her shop was locked up and she was taken away in handcuffs.
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The FDA explained that they have been to Mama Gee’s shop several times and have warned her to stop the illicit production of herbal medicine without a license which she kept agreeing.
But when a video of over hundreds of women queued at her shop to buy the so-called charms went viral that morning, the FDA had to quickly rush in and lockup the shop.
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Mame Gee is facing 16-25 years jail term if found guilty by the court. is keenly following the ongoing issue and will keep you updated.
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