Female celebrities and NUDITY


Its no news that almost all Ghanaian female celebrities have one way or the other gone nude for a shoot before. To mention a few who fit in this category are Christabel Ekeh, Afia schwarzenegger, Afia Odo, the late Ebony, Rosemond Brown, Moesha Boduong and many others.


Its is to get more followers or is it that their body is a commodity which they want to sell so nudity is how they package it. How does this educate the girl child who is looking up to them or how do they advice a young girl who is also half naked?

what happened to covering your self up and slaying just as we say in our twi dialect (Akataesai). Have we forgotten our Culture as Ghanaians. Now ladies feel proud when they go nude, which it shouldn’t be so.

Dear female celebrities, young girls are looking up to you. Please do the right thing so they can also follow.