Evangelist Kwame Addai, one of Ghana’s famous controversial spiritual teacher has made some stattling revelations about Despite Group of Companies Blood Donation. According to the Evangelist, the Blood donation is in aid for a spiritaul ritual headed by Dr Osei Kwame Despite to finance his wealth. In a viral video on the Evangelist Channel on youtube he explains how persons like Osei Kwame Despite are luring people to get their blood for their evil spiritual sacrificial deeds and also amass their wealth. Below is a video of his revelations about Dr Kwame Despite Ritual Allegations!

However the revelations have been downpeeded by many who label the said Evangelist as fake, an attention seeker and also wanting to drag the hard earned name and reputaion of this noble man Dr Osei Kwame Despite in the Mud. We are yet to see if the Despite Group would respond to this course or sue the Evangelist for defamation. Below is a another video of the Evangelsit revelations about Dr Kwame Despite Blood Ritual Allegations!