Divorce Is Good, Divorce That Useless Partner Of Yours, God Supports It-Counselor Lutterodt Advises Couples


Most Ghanaians fear divorce so much that no matter how much they are suffering with their partners, they still stay with them. this is sometimes because of the warfare of children involved since it is children who suffer most when there is a breakup.

Celebrities in Ghana don’t really care about divorce because they are mostly seen divorcing anyhow although they spend huge sums of money on their weddings

Asamoah Gyan is one of those people who has called for a divorce as well as a request for a DNA test to be done on his children to verify their paternity.

One man that a lot of Ghanaians wouldn’t expect any sensible thing from is counselor Lutterodt who has said that it is always good to divorce. To him, the Bible supports anyone who divorces his or her partner.

He believes that it is always best to divorce a partner you are not comfortable with than to tie yourself to them which eventually makes you bitter as a person.