Derby And Medikal Broke Up Because Of A Message From FellaTo Medikal?


Many people have read their own meanings into the breakup between Derby and Medikal but it seems a more interesting reason has been revealed.

There have been other rumours that Medikal got fed up with Derby’s inability to cook and decided to walk out of the marriage.

There are other reports Medikal finally woke up and realized the age gap between him and Derby is just too much fled (Sister Derby is 8 years older than Medikal)

Others too have suggested Fella Makafui Snatched Medikal with her huge backside and sweet Ewe Toto whiles others shared the strong believe Fella Makafui may have juju Medikal.

Pinaxgh has discovered what may exactly have caused the breakup  Medikal and Sister Derby aka Ghana Jollof.

The “Too Risky Love” between Derby and Medikal crumbled with a love text message from no other person to Medikal than our very own Yolo star actress, Fella Makafui.