Delay Is Scared To Show Her Man On Social Media Because She Is Dating A Married Man-Efia Odo Fires Delay


Ghanaian actress and Television personality, Efia Odo has explained why she threw a shot at Delores Frimpong-Manso affectionately called Delay after she tried to advise her on flaunting her new boyfriend Kweku Reveloe on social media.

Efia Odo has currently found a new boyfriemd called Kweku Reveloe whom the actress goes everywhere with.

Ever since she got this new boyfriend, Kweku Reveloe who is alleged to be a fraudster she has been sighted several times flaunting pictures of themselves on social media and many people have warned her to desist from doing that since her relationship status is supposed to be private.

Delay was no exception of those who advised her. She told the young girl Efia Odo to stop flaunting her boyfriend on social media but Efia Odo in return called her out as someone who dates a married man and is scared to flaunting them on social media.

In an interview with Hitz Fm, Efia was asked what she had to say about Delay’s advise to her and she repeated the same thing in her post that suggested that Delay was scared to flaunt her man because she was dating a married men.

Her post read: “Dear Delay, I’m sorry I don’t sleep with peoples husband(no shade), that’s why I’m able to show MY MAN to the world.Why should I hide someone I’m so proud of,flaws and all. If a relationship will fail, it will be due to lies distrust insecurities and miscommunication. But we good!”