Critics Now Bless Medikal And Fella’s Union After he Confess On Social Media That He Has Fallen In Love With Fella’s Hard Face


Ghanaian musician, Medical who was rumoured to have broken up with his girlfriend all because of hypes has eventually told the world that he is seriously in love with his new girlfriend Fella.

He released a song for Derby and in the song he stated his new girlfriend is Fella who has big botos, we all thought the two were playing with our minds but we have finally gotten the confirmation that Medical has dumped sister, Derby.

In his long post on in a long post on instagram, he stated that he has been friends with Fella for five years now and he has finally fallen in love with her.

He added that everyone has an ex so people should stop criticizing him because he never planned on leaving Derby on a bad note.

Almost all those who commented on the his post blessed their union.