Court orders Asamoah Gyan To Use Gyan For His Wife In His Law Suit Instead Of Oware He Used


Black star’s captain, Asamoah Gyan filed a divorce and requested for a DNA test to be done on his children because he suspects his wife has not been faithful.

In Gyans divorce file against his wife he used Oware instead Of Gyan and the court has ordered the Black Stars captain, and his lawyers to go back and amend the name of his wife on his application for annulment of the marriage.

The court found this irrational based on an argument submitted by Gifty Gyan lawyers who found it insulting for the couples more than 15 years stay together.

The court has ordered Asamoah Gyan to go back and amend the document and refer to her as Gifty Gyan and wife. A lot of people read so many meanings into the main cause of their divorce brouhaha.