Christable Ike Thrills Her Fans With Another N@ked Image Of Herself All For Fame


Ghanaian actress Christable Ike who released wild n@ked images of herself some time ago on social media all because she thought that was the best way to get famous told all Ghanaians she is a changed person.

She started dressing decently and everyone thought she had really changed but it looks like Christabel’s behaviour is just like that of a mad person. No matter how cured they are, they still have something little to scare people.

Another n*de image of Christabel in a pose with an actor known to be Samuel Bravo has been sighted and this has gone viral on the internet. It looks like Christabel is already hungry after the collapse of the Ghana Movie industry.

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She had no choice than to join her colleagues in the ashawobrity business so they can feed themselves because Moesha confirmed in an interview on CNN that whenever a Ghanaian lady goes hungry, she sleeps with married men.

Many people have said that the nude images are the old ones Christabel released some time ago and not anything new. Verify this for yourself.