We are in the 21st Century and the youth of today cant keep their “Piskololo” in their pants Untill marriage, the thing dey sweet everybody Abi, well the Head Pastor and founder of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries Pastor Eastwood Anaba has expressed deep shock at the rate at which Beautiful Ghanaian ladies are been divirginised by heart especially in Churches! According to the Stunt faith Pastor Ghanaian ladies are in a deep rush to be rich and get the finest things, adding that nothing is for free so they end up trading their “Toto” for Cars, Houses, Travel Expenses, Cloths and other materials things. Relax we the men too Recieved our share of the cake, according to Pastor Eastwood Anaba Men of Today are soo lazy that they dont even want to work anymore but prefer to have second mummies precisely “sugar mummies” who would cough what ever we need after satisfying them in BED, stressing that the youth are the laziest and most indiscipline of all generations than any.. Enough i beg watch the Video Below to Recieve your own Share of the cake…Hehee