Burn Anokye Supremo’s body in India.


Nana kwame Gyan who is an Entertainment pundit has sent some words of advice to the family of the late Anokye Supremo to save their time and money by burning the body of the late hip life artist in India where he went for treatment

Anokye Supremo went to India to undergo a surgery to remove a tumor in his head , even tho the surgery was successful Anokye died of cardiac arrest after a few days. His death was reported on various platforms last week.

According to his manager Zack, even tho the musician is dead they still owe the hospital some $21,000 and they need to pay off that amount before the body is released to them.

In a interview according to Anokye supremo’s father who is still in India, his son’s body has been moved to a private mortuary and they are yet to pay for the mortuary bills before they finally plan of how to bring the body home for a befitting burial and it all requires money and therefore calling on Ghanaians to help.

In an interview hosted by Mike 2 on “Adom Entertainment Hall” last Saturday , Nana Gyan stated that since the family is in dire need of money to settle the bills owned the India hospital, the best thing for them is to burn the body since that wont cost much.

He said: After all things being equal the family should start considering cremating of his body. The family has already told us they don’t have money to bring his body down. i will humbly suggest they cremate his body and bring the ashes home for his final funeral rite.