Brilliant 16-year-old boy denied entry into the university because he is young


A brilliant 16-year old boy has been denied entry into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) because he does not meet the age requirement of the University.
The young boy identified as Okorogheye Orisheneye David who scored an A in all subjects in the West African Examination Council examinations could not gain admission into the university because he is too young.
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Okorogheye Orisheneye David
David scored all A’s in Civic Education, English Language, Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies and Catering Craft Practice.
See his results below;

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However, some social media users shared their sentiments over this issue.
Karl Imuraye stated; “Typical Nigerian thing…if it were to be abroad, this young man would have been given admission in one of the top colleges. Like Oxford or Cambridge University. During my time, a young girl aged 10 years old was admitted to read mathematics. Why can’t this brilliant young man be given admission? That is Nigeria, for you. Misplaced priority.
Uni a cabbage in cabbage out of university these days anyway.? ? it is no longer a place of learning it use to be. Professor.. two a Penney.
Sigman Bello also commented; “For genius matter, this brilliant issue those not uphold individual confidence in university he needs to be of age to withstand the university environment as simple as that”.
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