Six members of Kandahar Boys, a group affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), whose members attacked the Tamale Teaching Hospital and chased out the Chief Executive Officer, have been arrested by police.

NPP Kandahar Boys chase out Tamale Teaching Hospital CEO
They were picked up at 2:00pm on Wednesday, and taken to the Northern Regional Police Command for further interrogations.

The NPP Kandahar Boys group and its allies on Monday chased Dr. David Zaawumya Kolbila out of office.

The groups; the Kandahar Boys and the Concerned NPP Youth Coalition had accused Dr. David Kolbila of incompetence and misuse of hospital funds. They also said he had neglected them despite the role they played in getting him appointed.

Dr. Kolbila was subsequently reinstated on Tuesday, after REGSEC unlocked his office and assured him of security.

Staff complicit

Preliminary investigations had indicated that some staff of the hospital instigated the pro New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth groups to chase out Dr. Kolbila.

The recurrent attacks on former CEOs of the Tamale Teaching Hospital is largely influenced by partisan politics.

On February 23, 2017, a group affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), known as the Northern Young Patriots in a similar fashion demanded the immediate dismissal of the Tamale Teaching Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Prosper Akambong.

The group’s Chairman, Bashiru Baba at a news conference in Tamale, accused Dr. Akambong of superintending over corruption, nepotism and abuse of human rights of staff.

He also claimed that Dr. Prosper Akambong reduced the major referral health facility to a death trap.

Similar arrests in such situations have come to nothing, as the cases do not go the full length due to the political interference.