Information reaching confirms the arrest of a man who was involved in the Ab-use of the Midland savings and loans customer Patience Osafo. Mr Afemekpo speaking to peace fm evening news confirmed the arrest of his son. Narrating the issue, he said he got a call some hours past midday that his son Moses Afemekpo who took the baby from the customer during the abuse has been arrested and currently in police custody awaiting bail at the Ghana Police Headquarters. Father of Moses Afemekpo revealed his son works with Midland savings and loans as a driver at a different branch of the bank, and at the time of the incident his son happened to be there to only deliver letters to the bank and in his effort to save the situation his son took the baby from the Victim to safety at the same time he stepping on the policeman gun firmly to prevent any further assault as the Midland Bank workers stood there onlooking, shouting and taking videos. To Mr Afemekpo his son Moses rather saved the situation as no one knows what would have happened if his son had not stepped in, he added the bank is supposed to apologise for their actions and take full blame and responsibilty insisting his son is innocent and Ghanaians should not point accusing fingers at his son Moses Afemekpo. Watch full Video of the Issue at Midland Bank and the culprit who took the baby from the woman Below!