Borga snatches photographer’s girlfriend of 6 years in Kumasi


A young photographer in Kumasi is currently nurturing his heartbreak after his girlfriend of 6 years jilted him just after meeting a friend who had just returned from abroad.
According to a Tweep with the username, Papi Cazorla, who shared the story on social media, the photographer and the said lady have been dating without many problems just but just normal fights.
He went to say amidst all those fights, the two have been planning their marriage for two years now but it was just taking a long time for them to exchange their vows.
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Family members of the lady started mounting pressure on them to get married which forced the photographer to rush and do the knocking to officially ask for the lady’s hand in marriage so as to reduce the pressure on them.
The surprise of his life came in the early hours of last Friday morning, June 14, 2019, where he received a distress call from one of the friends of his woman to come to the Suntreso Hospital in Kumasi.
Fearing and thinking that the girlfriend had been hospitalized, he took some money and rushed to the said hospital.
On reaching the hospital, he saw his girlfriend and the said friend who had called him. The two of them handed him an envelope and upon opening it, he realized his girlfriend was getting married to another man.
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The lady is getting married to her old schoolmate who has just returned from abroad.
In an obvious bid to ‘compensate’ the guy who is a photographer, she was asking him to take up the photography job for her wedding.
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