Blind couple who have been married for 40 years tell their beautiful story


A blind couple who have been married for 40 years have told their amazing story in a beautiful manner which has got Ghanaians and people all over the world on social media applauding.
Augustine Marfo and Juliana Agyeiwaa, the visually impaired couple met in 1970 and have been married for the past 40 years and more.
They have 4 children including an adopted child from the woman’s late sister. None of their three biological children has any problem with his/her sight. The eldest child is 33 years followed by 29 and the last child is 27 years old.
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To the shock of many Ghanaians, these adorable couple has never had any house help. They do everything by themselves without any assistance.
Juliana Agyeiwaa does her own cooking. In the video which is fast going viral, she could be a seen using knives as best as anyone with sight will use it in her kitchen. It’s amazing!
Augustine Marfo can also operate his TV set and radio without assistance. He makes sense of what is on the TV from the sound. He mainly listens for political, lifestyle and entertainment news. Marfo was not born blind; he fell sick at a tender age got blind.
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On how they met, Augustine Marfo said:
“There was a group known as the Ghana Association of the Blind (GAB). It is now the Ghana Blind Union (GBU). A visually challenged person is welcomed to join.
“So we got introduced at a meeting of GAB. We struck a friendship and worked together for the good of the group. Later, we became close.”
On why he chose Agyeiwaa out of the several women who were members of the association, Marfo said: “I would have to say it is the work of the Lord.”
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Agyeiwaa, however, said she never took it seriously when Marfo proposed marriage to her. She assumed she was joking so it took her a while to accept and it has been a marvelous 40 years journey and counting.

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Augustine Marfo and Juliana Agyeiwaa tell us they are happy together and from what we just saw in the video, there is no other proof we need to believe them. They were indeed made for each other.
This couple has never seen each other’s face but they have loved each other like no other else. They deserve to be celebrated.
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