Blame NDC’s Ofosu Ampofo-Owusu Bempah tells 3 missing girls families


The founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministries International, Reverend Owusu Bempah has reacted to the demonstration held in Takoradi by the families of the 3 Takorid girls.
According to Owusu Bempah, the families should turn their anger at NDC Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who has been captured in a recording planning to kidnap innocent people just to cause dissatisfaction for the NPP government.
Takoradi Missing Girls
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Owusu Bempah advised the families should push for the arrest and prosecution of Ofosu Ampofo who knows whereabouts of the missing girls and leave him, Ghana police and the government alone.
He further reiterated that he does not know where the missing girls are but Ofosu Ampofo knows so the families should do the right thing and push for his prosecution as soon as possible.
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Owusu Bempah in an interview on Monday 10 June said:
“I am not the one who kidnapped them. Calls for my arrest are without merit because I never said I knew the whereabouts of the girls”. I only said we could locate the girls by prayer and divine direction; why would I be sitting down if I knew their whereabouts”?
“If they want to know where the girls are they should direct their anger at NDC Chairman Ofosu Ampofo who ha confessed in leak audio that he will kidnap innocent people. They should call for his arrest and push for prosecution”, Owusu Bempah added.
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Meanwhile the police yesterday 11 June arrested Ofou Ampofo again in connection with the kidnapping in the country and arson. He was questioned for hours and released late in the night.
A few weeks ago, Reverend Owusu incurred the wrath of the families of the missing girls when he allegedly made comments that he knows where the girls are and will only disclose the location to the president of Ghan, Nana Addo.
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In an interview months after the girls were kidnapped, Owusu Bempah said in an interview
“I know the whereabouts of the girls. If you dare me, just allow the President to call on me and ask me about their whereabouts and I will gladly tell him…Some things are not only papers and writing but spiritual…
“This is the time to try prophets like us but Ghanaians, as usual, will rain insults….People always disregard men of God and always attack us and so I only urge Ghanaians to give us the chance in cases like this.”
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“I know this issue has to do with the work of the police, but I can help too unless I’m invited by Nana Addo,” Apostle Isaac Owusu Bempah said.
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