Becca’s husband is a thief-Becca’s mother reveals


The mother of Rebecca Akosua Acheampong aka Becca has come out to exposed her son-in-law, Tobi Sanni Daniel as a thief who is now protecting his booty after a hard day’s work of stealing money earned the hard way by her daughter, Becca.
According to Madam Juliet Yiadom-Oti, the husband of Becca has managed to sack everyone around Becca including her by brandishing her as a witch in order to have Becca and everything she has earned over her years of working hard to be one of the biggest musicians in Ghana to himself.
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The woman explained that because Sanni is a thief who wholly relies on the gains of Becca, he does not want anyone to come near Becca again.
“Tobi is a thief!, Yes he is a thief and because he has stolen my daughter, he does not want anyone to come close and fearing that the person might get something from her”.
“Besides calling me a wish and turning my daughter against me, all her friends have been sacked on the orders of Tobi. He is a thief!”, Madam Juliet Yiadom-Oti boldly said in the interview.
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Mrs. Juliet Yiadom-Oti, the mother of Becca was reacting to the alleged accusation from Tobi Sabbi that she is a witch. The report added that Becca’s husband has banned the woman from seeing her granddaughter.
Madam Juliet Yiadom-Oti confirmed she has indeed been forbidden to see her grandchild. She also revealed Becca has not spoken to her for one year now.
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She sent a strong warning to Tobi to stop calling her a witch or she will summon him and Becca before Otumfour Osei II, the overlord of Ashanti Kingdom to provide evidence.
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