AUDIO:Obaapa Christy has slept with my husband and destroyed our 16-year old marriage-Ama Adoma


Ghanaian gospel musician, Obaapa Christy is said to have snatch a married man away from his wife.

In an interview on hitz FM, the wife of the man Obaapa Christy is dating revealed that she (Ama Adoma) has been married to her husband for 16 years.

According to Ama Adoma, the wife of Obaapa Christy’s current boyfriend said her husband boldly affirmed that he had slept with Obaapa christy when she[Ama Adoma] suspected the two  to be cheating on her.

She found out about the relationship when Obaapa Christy visited Habsburg where she and her husband where living.

She added that matters got worse and her husband left home.

Listen to the audio below.