Afia Schwarzenegger writes


This is sad and a mess…..
Please don’t bring politics here….This is embarrassing



Welcome to Ghana….The country of shame…the country that shields corrupt leaders in the name of politics…
The country that preaches what we cant practice….the country that honest people are hated….the country that got these groups
1.”Unemployed graduates Association”
2.”Unemployed Drs Association”
3.”Unemployed Nurses Association”
4.”Unemployed Teachers Association”
Yet these group of educated people are the 1st to jump on social media to defend a corrupt politician because of political colors.
A country that a politician will squander money n insult it’s citizens
Welcome to Ghana….A country that so called celebrities will be competing on clothes n sugar daddies, cars or common social media likes n comments instead of using their fame to solicit for money to help the less privilege
Welcome to Ghana….A country where a media house like multi media will stigmatize someone for adopting a child
Welcome to Ghana…..A country that its pastors flaunt their wealth every where instead of flaunting their humanitarian projects…(that is if they EVEN have 1)
Welcome to Ghana…And oh we are 60 years plus.
I hope we will fix this MESS before building anything in the name of National Cathedral….cos this video is a curse God wont forgive….This is our future Ghana.

Image result for images of black school children under uncompleted school building in ghana

She made this post on her Facebook and INSTAGRAM handle in regards to a video she posted which showed school children in a remote village wearing flippers and matching into a deadly uncompleted building which they refer to as their classrooms.

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But unless the community see Education as a priority and contributes to fix it, no politician in Ghana can change it. Creating a better Ghana starts with we the individuals and not solely relying on the government to fix problems we as citizens can fix.