Afia Schwar’s boyfriend Johnny explains how she stole the gold chain


After over 48 hours of silence since the news broke, Johnny, Afia Schwarzenegger’s boyfriend whom she allegedly stole gold chain from has finally spoken on their affair and how Afia managed to steal the gold chain from him.
According to Johnny, statements from Afia Schwarzenegger that she does not know him and he was only called to help pack his bags since he is a taxi driver are all false. He shockingly revealed that they have been dating for months now.
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In fact, he bought the promise ring Afia Schwarzenegger has been wearing months now and plans are all set for them to hold their engagement ceremony.
Spaking on how Afia stole the chain, she revealed Afia was staying with her sister when she arrived for the Ghana Entertainment Awards US. Her sister is called Maame Serwaa and she lives in Connecticut.
It was Afia Schwarzenegger who invited him from New York to stay with her overnight since he has slept with her in the house twice already. They were to go to church together, the following Sunday which is exactly a week today.
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It was Maame Serwaa who first requested Afia wears the gold chain since it looks very good on her in her church dress. But after church, Afia refused to give back the chain because he did not accompany her to go and buy a pack of cigarette.
Later, on Johnny claims Afia Schwarzenegger who is very addicted to hard drugs told him she can’t find the gold chain.
There, Johnny says he was not really angry but Afia Schwar shared a photo on Instagram a few days later wearing the same missing chain. That was when he realized she stole it.
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It was Afia Schwarzenegger’s own best friend, Nana Tornado who came out first to expose Afia Schwarzenegger for stealing gold chain in the USA.
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Afia has come out several times within the last 48 hours to deny but the facts keep making Afia look guilty. But hey, who are we to judge?
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