Ace Ankomah denies fraud frame-up allegation against NAM1


Astute Ghanaian lawyer, Ace Anan Ankomah has finally reacted to the allegations of conspiracy to defame Nana Appiah Mensah, the embattled CEO of Menzgold as alleged by Ghanaian US based journalist, Kelvin Ekow Taylor.
In a statement from his law firm, Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa, and Ankomah (BELA) stated the firm was only engaged by Dubai company and instruction he was given by the gold company did not relate or Mention either Nana Appiah Mensah or Menzgold.
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“The work instruction did not mention or relate to either Menzgold or Nana Appiah Mensah. Neither the firm nor I have been involved in any incidents that allegedly happened in Dubai several months after we had been first instructed,” the statement reads.
The statement further added that the Dubai incident was completely different from the one he was consulted employed in Accra.
They were completely unrelated and as such their opinion was not sought and none was given from Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa, and Ankomah.
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“The client did not seek our opinion on the Dubai incidents and we proffered none. Every document or evidence that we received from the client and which was meant for the police we delivered to the investigator at the Commercial Crime Unit of the police, Chief Inspector Wisdom Semanu,” the statement explains further.
On the allegation of former EOCO boss, Dr. KK Amoah being his uncle, Lawyer Ace Anan Ankomah revealed they are just colleagues lawyers and are from the same home town and nothing else.
“He is a colleague lawyer and I know him very well as we have the same hometown. I also consider him an older friend as he considers me his senior at the Bar,” he said.
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Read Ace Ankomah’s full statement below
Ace Ankomah reacts to fraud frame-up allegation against NAM1
Kelvin Ekow Taylor, the host of “With All Due Respect – Loud Silence Media” on Facebook released part 2 of his exposé on Nana Appiah Mensah troubles with the law.
According to the Ghanaian USA based journalist, Nana Appiah Mensah was not guilty of the numerous charges of fraud raised against him and Ace Anan Ankomah was aware he was innocent of the charges but went on air to defame him.
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He explained that the Dubai gold company which raised the fraud charges against NAM1, Horizon Royal Diamonds met with Ace Anan Ankomah and showed him pictures and identity of the fraudsters and he agreed to help them.
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But later there was deliberate plan to implicate Nana Appiah Mensah in the scam by some head of institutions and politicians and he was brought on board.
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