5 secret things in the world


Our amazing planet will never stop creating surprises for us! There are a lot of things and places which can’t be analyzed or explained. They are still a riddle for mankind, but they continue calling our attention.

1. Synchronized fireflies

Instead of flashing whenever they want, these fireflies flare up at the same time (every 1-2 seconds) — they are really synchronized.

2. Terraced constructions at Ryukyu Islands

In 1986, a group of divers found a range of strange constructions resembling architectural buildings near the island of Yonaguni. The artifacts (stones with symbols, scrapers, and animal bas-reliefs) made everyone think they were handmade.

3. Genghis Khan tomb

For centuries, people were curious about the location of the tomb of the notorious Genghis Khan. Multiple discoveries were made in Mongolia and China, yet no one can definitely say where the great leader is buried.

4. Taos hum

Citizens of Taos (New Mexico, USA) have been hearing a low-frequency him of unknown origins for many years. The sound reminds one of heavy vehicles moving through an arterial road, though there are no large roads near this town.

5. The unfinished pyramid of Zawiyet el-Aryan, Egypt

The pyramid of Zawiyet el-Aryan has been off-limits to tourists for many decades. The 75-feet-deep hallway was cut out of solid limestone bedrock. Scientists still wonder how people in Ancient Egypt could have made the walls so smooth without modern technologies.