5 most exciting cities in the world


1. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg might not be an obvious choice as one of the world’s most exciting cities but upon closer inspection, it definitely fits the bill for thrills.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Hitting the streets of Tokyo for the first time is like stepping into a weird and wonderful dream or a fast-paced sci-fi video game filled with neon lights. The city is ripe with tradition, but also charges forward with edgy trends, exhibiting a culture that, as a whole, happily embraces both ancient heritage and contemporary cultivation. Tokyo is so engulfing you could stand and stare for hours at the constant action.

3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most transformative cities in the world, changing its step slowly and continuously since reuniting its split heart after thirty years of separation.

4. Paris, France

Paris is just as exciting as cities like Tokyo or Bangkok in an entirely different way. Legendary architecture, endless artistic wealth, and iconic historical landmarks offer unforgettable experiences. As if it couldn’t get any better, the dining, nightlife, and shopping scene is phenomenal too, with plenty going on to suit most aspirations for fun.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok sends your senses reeling. You could use almost any description to cover the city and there’s always a place to match. Each city district offers something different—there’s definitely no lack of entertainment so make the most of it and dive in headfirst. Some of the biggest thrills include watching a live Muay Thai match surrounded by passionate Thais.