Granting the interview on Ghone Tv Rythmz Show, Mr Kwarteng the father of Late “Ebony Reigns” brought out a list which tends to suggest some musicians in Ghana took monies before performing at her Tribute concert. The host “Regina Van Helvet” called on artists like Captain Planet, Manager of Rachel, King Promise and Manager of Keche who denied vehemently that they even took a dime for the late Ebony Tribute Concert. This however has raised issues as to the truthfulness regarding Bullet honesty with Ebony’s family on the finances of her Daughter Earnings. Mr Kwarteng after having heard this insisted he would take to court Bullet and his team for lies been told to him and also frauding Ebony’s family, as he strongly believes there is more to this issue. See the list Below given to Ebony’s Dad from late Ebony’s Manager Bullet..

Also see Interview were various musicians contacted denied ever taking monies before performing at Ebony’s Tribute concert..