3 Foods To Take In Before Sex That Can Make Your Night Way Sweeter And Hotter


Foods needed to help boost your sex life.


No matter how high you think u can be, sometimes is just hard to get on for any number of reasons. Now i don’t know about you but i spend a lot of my time eating dreaming about food. so whats better Than foods that would arouse and quicken your sex life

studies show that various foods or nutrients play a vital role in boosting libido and supporting a healthy sex life. so whether is increasing sexual desires , suppressing anxiety , maintaining your energy , or reducing

any bloating that may kill kill the mood – these are some foods you should eat.

  1. Dark chocolate

My sweet chocoholics out there. we all know when one gets to eat or give out chocolates it means love and love is chocolate right. Its been hailed that the sweet taste melted in your mouth gives you some kind of sensation. But for the ultimate healthy sex benefits, make sure you get chocolates.

Dark chocolate is packed with this compound [pea], according to scientist. it helps release levels of dopamine, which slate Bethany would say is the molecule behind sinful behaviors and secret cravings.; mostly because it rises moods and pleasures. I assure you that you would need a lot of this in your bedroom.

I tried it ones, i took a pack of chocolate and then waited a while for it to settle down my belly. before my baby could give me a kiss the sweet scent of my mouth aroused his drive for sex. The taste of the chocolate itself made him ask for more.

2. Straw berries.

siding with other berries especially blue berries research states that straw berries are high in antioxidant, which are chemicals that help tidy up circulation system by eliminating free radicals. So how does this help your sex life?it releases the blood vessels that flow through your body into your sex organs. You can choose to eat or use it as a lubricant. well it works best for me as a lubricant.

3. Water melon

who ever imagined that this strong fruit can act as a Viagra[ a brand name for a drug that helps impotency in men] in the body. This is because of a nutrient known as citrulline, which boost citric acid and relaxes the blood vessels.This is not a benefit for the man only but the women too because anytime increase circulation comes into the picture we talking of more energy and more pleasure -inducing endorphins. There is a saying we all know” an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but i say a watermelon a night makes your woman beg for more.