2baba Apologies to Wife For Messing Up As A Husband


Many a times some people offend others and never show any sign of remorsefulness but nigerian musician, 2baba has shown that he is different from the rest.

The musician who usually make babies with other women aside his wife has taken to his twitter handle to apologize to his wife Annie for messing up as a husband and failing as a role model.

The actual reason for his apologetic message to his wife is not well known yet as 2baba didn’t clearly state that.

His fans kept querying him on whether he has gotten another woman pregnant again outside his matrimonial home. But the musician didn’t give them any clue as to whether its another child he was adding to his family from another mother.

2baba has been married to his wife for the past 7 years and we hope the reason behind his apology doesn’t destroy their union.

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